A Satyr of a difference gender?

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Sometimes my son amuses me so. An interesting pair of shoes were brought to my attention — they are being sold for charity — and when my son saw the blog post I was reading he asked me “planning to be a Satyr of the wrong gender, hmmm?” I don’t know which amuses me more… the shoes or that comment coming from a 9 year old. 🙂

Hoof Shoes

People can walk in high heels… Really!

November 06, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Humor, Opinion

I get amused when I’m standing still and people around me see my shoes and exclaim “How on earth do you walk in those?” Then, when some folks see me walking they note “Wow, you walk so normally in those heels.”

The pair causing consternation the other day actually don’t seem that high to me…

Nine West Blue Suede Sandals

It’s a pair of Nine West suede sandals, which compared to some Steve Madden or BCBG, aren’t bad at all. These are actually quite easy to get into and not bad at all for walking. It didn’t hurt that they were on the 75% off rack either. Sometimes you can get lucky and find something fun in your size.

You too might find what you need… online

November 01, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Humor

I’m happy to report that some good can come of your coworkers picking on you about your shoes.

A good friend at work has found that she can finally get more variety and good fitting narrow shoes by doing a bit of searching on Amazon for styles she knows fit her well but are hard to find in local stores.

VANELi Women’s Valborg Pump

Of course, this only came about after some good natured ribbing about shoes matching outfits. My friend wondered out loud “Where do you get them anyway?”

Being the bargain hunter I am, I mentioned the local Macy’s sale rack when shoes are 75% off. That’s when it came up that, 75% off is all well-and-good but not useful if they don’t have any narrow ones to choose from.

Enter the online world of “it may be in a warehouse somewhere”. We have a happy ending and she has a very stylish pair of narrow shoes. The price wasn’t awful either. As she showed me her newly acquired gems she was rather amused to find me in a beat up pair of Crocs Mammoths rather than a pair of the colorful or rather high heels she’s been commenting on lately. 😉

You too may find something like these VANELis to your liking!

It’s “Match the Little Yellow Car” day

September 22, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Humor

Another pair of the lovely Santana Tropicana in yellow…

Just so happens they match my car. 😀

Santana Yellow Tropicana Shoe

Dearly wish they had made this shoe in blue! May have to track down another white & gray pair and dye them myself!

And here’s a delightful shoe discussion. How many pairs of shoes is too many?

FOOTnote: Just took a walk to do some errands and heard “Man those are bright” and “Wow… look at those shoes”. LOL

Utterly Creative!

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Wow, would I love to see a few of these designs actually hit store shelves so I could wear them. It’s pure pleasure when two passions collide and my background in fine art and design gives me such an appreciation for the out-of-the-box thinking of this shoe designer!

Kobi Levi has some wild ideas, to be sure. But… there are some that might just make it if they went into production for mass market. Cool stuff!

Kobi Levi- Footwear Design

Seriously, someone else HAS to be buying these, no?

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I’d managed to get to Macy’s for a few very successful shoe shopping trips, lucking out each time with a couple pair in my size from the sale racks. But one pair eluded me. The bright blue suede Steve Madden Trinitie.

Steve Madden Trinitie in blue

I’d been looking for blue in a rather high heel for a while. I saw one pair of the Trinitie and knew that’s what I wanted. I could not find the darned things in my size ANYWHERE. I finally found them on the Steve Madden web site and on sale no less! YAY!

I was heading to a committee meeting at a local Panera and snagged the first parking spot, right across from the door. I was just stepping out of my little yellow car, wearing my hard won prize, the blue Trinities, when I hear “Oh my god! Those are GREAT shoes!”

A couple had just walked out the front door of the restaurant and the wife had noticed the shoes. Her husband looked at her like she was nuts. What fun. 🙂

What amuses me most are the number of comments I get from women when I wear the bright or really high heels. They are in the stores I shop at casually or regularly. Someone else has to be buying and wearing these, don’t they?

Hey Lady, You with the Pretty Shoes…

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Part of the reason this blog made sense to me was to have someplace to keep things like this:

Traveling back from the Pacific Northwest I was making my way through the Atlanta airport from gate to gate. Some of the airlines have kiosks out to sell you on things tied to them, like a branded American Express card. I generally bypass these as swiftly as I can.

This trip, however, I actually looked back to see who yelled at me. There weren’t that many people in my immediate vicinity and I was sure she meant me. Why was I pretty certain? Because the same shoes had elicited a “those are DAMNED sexy shoes” from a TSA agent on my way to the west coast. She even pointed them out to another agent nearby.

“Hey Lady, you with the pretty shoes… you need one of these!”

I had to look. She’d made me laugh. I still didn’t stop for a card but it left me amused for a bit during wearying travel.

… And the shoes? My Carlos Santana Tropicana in white.
Carlos Santana Tropicana

Oh, and as I post this, Carlos Santana Shoes has a special going. Get $10 off any $50 order by logging in and Liking them on Facebook. The offer expires September 14, 2010 so act fast if you have a Facebook account.

There are few shoes you will see me promote as much as the Carlos Santana. They have lots of styles I like, they wear well, fit well and even the high ones are fine for a fair amount of walking. And… a portion of every sale supports their children’s program The Milagro Foundation. Like a fellow Pittsburgh blogger, I’m all for supporting children! (I keep telling myself that’s why I got all three colors of the Tropicana) 😉

Fun T-Shirt found in the wild…

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At Kennywood amusement park this weekend I saw a gal in line for a rollercoaster wearing a shirt reading “Will trade brother for shoes”. Now that’s a serious shoe gal!

It’s the shoes…

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As I noted on my other blog, it started innocently enough. I’d lost some weight, started clearing out the wardrobe and decided to give skirts a try again but I had exactly one pair of shoes that might work, a black velvet, low heel Mary Jane style.

I should note that on the Myers-Briggs personality test we did for a work retreat I was classified as a “creative introvert” and creative definitely plays into the array of shoes I’ve gathered. The introvert part confuses people who’ve known me a long time, at least regarding my current choices in footwear. This includes some rather bright Anne Klein silk patterns, Carlos Santana, Steve Madden, Nina & BCBG among others.

The latest additions to the collection, since I needed colors to go with added wardrobe I’ve acquired, garner quite the attention. I’ve gone from 1.5-2” heels to 3.5-4.5” heels. Those that get the most comments, frequently from women, are some Carlos Santana brand and Steve Madden in rather bright colors and patterns.

A former boyfriend and college classmate remarked at a recent alumni reunion that my pretty yellow convertible roadster might just be a mid-life crisis purchase. Teehee. Guessing if he saw the shoe rack I’ve filled he might change that assessment. 😉