A Satyr of a difference gender?

March 20, 2011 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Humor, Seriously Odd

Sometimes my son amuses me so. An interesting pair of shoes were brought to my attention — they are being sold for charity — and when my son saw the blog post I was reading he asked me “planning to be a Satyr of the wrong gender, hmmm?” I don’t know which amuses me more… the shoes or that comment coming from a 9 year old. 🙂

Hoof Shoes

People can stop picking on my Crocs now

October 09, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Seriously Odd

Okay, a wonderful friend pointed out a pair of “shoes” that I have actually seen in the wild. It didn’t quite register just how odd they were at the time. Odd, but weirdly compelling to try as well.

For as many shoes as I’ve recently accumulated I do still seriously enjoy going barefoot. This is probably as close as you can get to protecting your tootsies and not feeling like it’s an actual shoe…

Women’s Vibram Fivefingers

Anyone else wonder why they aren’t called… FiveToes?

What would YOU wear with this one?

September 16, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Not My Cup of Tea, Opinion, Seriously Odd, Wickedly Expensive

I thought the buff looked a bit odd, but the pink… Oh My. And yikes on the price tag – $869.05!

The Georgina Goodman Women’s Dale Pump

Georgina Goodman Women's Dale Pump

It does match the current theme of the blog nicely though. Haha.