Sales like this are so hard to resist!

September 24, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Deals

Now through October 4, save an extra 25% on sale pumps for savings up to 60% or more: Amazon 25% off Sale Pumps

Amazon 25% off sale pumps

It’s on specific sale pumps though, so be careful! Not all shoes that are marked down in price qualify for the additional 25% off. So be sure to stick with the shoes that fall under the “EXTRA25PUMPS” category you get when you click that link I have up there.

Otherwise you’ll be looking at your cart wondering why the discount didn’t show up (it’s taken when you are just shy of processing the order after you choose your shipping location and payment method).

Sadly, it doesn’t apply to the Carlos Santana styles I’d like to get. 🙁

Hey Lady, You with the Pretty Shoes…

September 12, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Deals, Humor

Part of the reason this blog made sense to me was to have someplace to keep things like this:

Traveling back from the Pacific Northwest I was making my way through the Atlanta airport from gate to gate. Some of the airlines have kiosks out to sell you on things tied to them, like a branded American Express card. I generally bypass these as swiftly as I can.

This trip, however, I actually looked back to see who yelled at me. There weren’t that many people in my immediate vicinity and I was sure she meant me. Why was I pretty certain? Because the same shoes had elicited a “those are DAMNED sexy shoes” from a TSA agent on my way to the west coast. She even pointed them out to another agent nearby.

“Hey Lady, you with the pretty shoes… you need one of these!”

I had to look. She’d made me laugh. I still didn’t stop for a card but it left me amused for a bit during wearying travel.

… And the shoes? My Carlos Santana Tropicana in white.
Carlos Santana Tropicana

Oh, and as I post this, Carlos Santana Shoes has a special going. Get $10 off any $50 order by logging in and Liking them on Facebook. The offer expires September 14, 2010 so act fast if you have a Facebook account.

There are few shoes you will see me promote as much as the Carlos Santana. They have lots of styles I like, they wear well, fit well and even the high ones are fine for a fair amount of walking. And… a portion of every sale supports their children’s program The Milagro Foundation. Like a fellow Pittsburgh blogger, I’m all for supporting children! (I keep telling myself that’s why I got all three colors of the Tropicana) 😉