You too might find what you need… online

November 01, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Humor

I’m happy to report that some good can come of your coworkers picking on you about your shoes.

A good friend at work has found that she can finally get more variety and good fitting narrow shoes by doing a bit of searching on Amazon for styles she knows fit her well but are hard to find in local stores.

VANELi Women’s Valborg Pump

Of course, this only came about after some good natured ribbing about shoes matching outfits. My friend wondered out loud “Where do you get them anyway?”

Being the bargain hunter I am, I mentioned the local Macy’s sale rack when shoes are 75% off. That’s when it came up that, 75% off is all well-and-good but not useful if they don’t have any narrow ones to choose from.

Enter the online world of “it may be in a warehouse somewhere”. We have a happy ending and she has a very stylish pair of narrow shoes. The price wasn’t awful either. As she showed me her newly acquired gems she was rather amused to find me in a beat up pair of Crocs Mammoths rather than a pair of the colorful or rather high heels she’s been commenting on lately. 😉

You too may find something like these VANELis to your liking!