Seriously, someone else HAS to be buying these, no?

September 12, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Uncategorized

I’d managed to get to Macy’s for a few very successful shoe shopping trips, lucking out each time with a couple pair in my size from the sale racks. But one pair eluded me. The bright blue suede Steve Madden Trinitie.

Steve Madden Trinitie in blue

I’d been looking for blue in a rather high heel for a while. I saw one pair of the Trinitie and knew that’s what I wanted. I could not find the darned things in my size ANYWHERE. I finally found them on the Steve Madden web site and on sale no less! YAY!

I was heading to a committee meeting at a local Panera and snagged the first parking spot, right across from the door. I was just stepping out of my little yellow car, wearing my hard won prize, the blue Trinities, when I hear “Oh my god! Those are GREAT shoes!”

A couple had just walked out the front door of the restaurant and the wife had noticed the shoes. Her husband looked at her like she was nuts. What fun. 🙂

What amuses me most are the number of comments I get from women when I wear the bright or really high heels. They are in the stores I shop at casually or regularly. Someone else has to be buying and wearing these, don’t they?