Hey Lady, You with the Pretty Shoes…

September 12, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Deals, Humor

Part of the reason this blog made sense to me was to have someplace to keep things like this:

Traveling back from the Pacific Northwest I was making my way through the Atlanta airport from gate to gate. Some of the airlines have kiosks out to sell you on things tied to them, like a branded American Express card. I generally bypass these as swiftly as I can.

This trip, however, I actually looked back to see who yelled at me. There weren’t that many people in my immediate vicinity and I was sure she meant me. Why was I pretty certain? Because the same shoes had elicited a “those are DAMNED sexy shoes” from a TSA agent on my way to the west coast. She even pointed them out to another agent nearby.

“Hey Lady, you with the pretty shoes… you need one of these!”

I had to look. She’d made me laugh. I still didn’t stop for a card but it left me amused for a bit during wearying travel.

… And the shoes? My Carlos Santana Tropicana in white.
Carlos Santana Tropicana

Oh, and as I post this, Carlos Santana Shoes has a special going. Get $10 off any $50 order by logging in and Liking them on Facebook. The offer expires September 14, 2010 so act fast if you have a Facebook account.

There are few shoes you will see me promote as much as the Carlos Santana. They have lots of styles I like, they wear well, fit well and even the high ones are fine for a fair amount of walking. And… a portion of every sale supports their children’s program The Milagro Foundation. Like a fellow Pittsburgh blogger, I’m all for supporting children! (I keep telling myself that’s why I got all three colors of the Tropicana) 😉