It’s the shoes…

September 11, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Uncategorized

As I noted on my other blog, it started innocently enough. I’d lost some weight, started clearing out the wardrobe and decided to give skirts a try again but I had exactly one pair of shoes that might work, a black velvet, low heel Mary Jane style.

I should note that on the Myers-Briggs personality test we did for a work retreat I was classified as a “creative introvert” and creative definitely plays into the array of shoes I’ve gathered. The introvert part confuses people who’ve known me a long time, at least regarding my current choices in footwear. This includes some rather bright Anne Klein silk patterns, Carlos Santana, Steve Madden, Nina & BCBG among others.

The latest additions to the collection, since I needed colors to go with added wardrobe I’ve acquired, garner quite the attention. I’ve gone from 1.5-2” heels to 3.5-4.5” heels. Those that get the most comments, frequently from women, are some Carlos Santana brand and Steve Madden in rather bright colors and patterns.

A former boyfriend and college classmate remarked at a recent alumni reunion that my pretty yellow convertible roadster might just be a mid-life crisis purchase. Teehee. Guessing if he saw the shoe rack I’ve filled he might change that assessment. 😉