Comfort counts too

September 22, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Opinion

I don’t want to mislead people into thinking that my interest lies solely with high heels. There are plenty of colorful selections in other types of shoes to choose from.

One of my continued favorites are Crocs. Yup, even the “funny” looking originals. I fact, I need to take a shopping trip. Three members of my family have the ability to mix and match pairs. I’m woefully lacking in that area. I only have the blue I need for a blue and yellow mix! For shame.

Here is my standard fair for attending my son’s swim meets… really need the yellow to do the team colors though.


Besides, heels aren’t the most practical thing to be wearing when I get into and out of a car in my driveway, which is gravel.

And yes… the tan and white ones are Crocs!


Nifty, huh?