A Great Concept… and Hard to Find Colors!

September 27, 2010 :: Posted by - ShoeGeek :: Category - Opinion

I just might have to save up some pennies for this… Nina Shoes has a great Design Your Own concept on their site. They already have a dizzying array of shoe styles and colors available but this takes it one step further.

Having a hard time matching that outfit you adore? Don’t quite like the style of shoe in the color that works? This just might be the answer to your wardrobe needs! It’s not exactly a cheap answer, but what could be more fun than picking your own color combinations?

Design your own at NinaShoes.com
Go wild

Be really sure you are going to like your color choices and know your fit (try on some Nina shoes somewhere close to you, perhaps Macy’s?) because these custom orders aren’t returnable!

When you are looking at $125 or better for a pair of custom shoes it wouldn’t hurt to be sure they really are going to go with what you hope they will match. You might consider their swatch book for $9.95. You get that back as a credit on your next order.

Nina Shoes Design Your Own

Perhaps you’ll be able to find just the right color combination you haven’t been able to get elsewhere.